Giggly Pig (Romford) - Hog Roast

We've tried quite a few sausages from Giggly Pig, in some interesting flavours I will admit, but we saw these Hog Roast sausages at a recent food fair and just had to try them...

80% pork from their "home reared saddle back pigs" with 10% rusk in natural skins sounds good to us. Certainly a good looking sausage in the raw.

Ok they had been in the freezer for a few much food fair food before Christmas we just had to put these aside for tasting when we had time...I just hope that freezing them down didn't effect the taste!

Well with the name "Hog Roast" this did conjure up in our minds barbeques and hog roast pulled cooked up, OK a good sausage with a porky taste, but not quite what we expected.

A good bite and certainly a good medium texture and chew true but we found the flavour a little light. 

Eaten cold, not bad, but even less flavour unfortunately!

At 10.99/Kg this does make these a bit on the steep side with the mild taste experience that might not be what you may be looking for. 
Nevertheless these would be worth trying. 

Giggly Pig (Romford) - Hog Roast     (Jan 2015)

Here's the sample details:
95x27mm before cooking, 88x27mm after.
55g before cooking, 46g after.
That's a shrinkage of 7% & weight loss of approx 16%.
6 packaged at 3.58 (10.99/Kg)