Giggly Pig (Romford) - Classy

Giggly Pig were after all the 2011 winner at the Maldon Best of British Sausage Awards, so as we've tried the Old English and the chipolatas, it's now their Classy Sausage that's in the frying pan...

80% pork from their "home reared saddle back pigs" just as the other examples we've tried recently.  A bit darker than the other examples we noted but certainly a good looking sausage in the raw. We thought these were going to be a "traditional pork" or a "classic" type flavour...

Well let's not mince words, these have a strong distinctive flavour, almost a "wild boar" gamey strength, with a good bite and certainly a good medium texture and chew. Not big on spice though I thought, and these were a bit too strong for one or two here, but with our mash, onions and gravy, for me, not bad at all.

Eaten cold by a sampling latecomer, there were no complaints!

Mind you price-wise at 10.99/Kg again, does make these a bit on the high side and the strong taste experience might not be everyone's choice.  Nevertheless these would be worth trying. 

Giggly Pig (Romford) - Classy     (Oct 2012)

Here's the sample details:
100x27mm before cooking, 90x30mm after.
57g before cooking, 48g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 15%.
6 packaged at 3.96 (10.99/Kg)



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