Giggly Pig (Romford) - Chipolata

We made the trip over to Harold Hill, Romford recently to check out Giggly Pig and buy a selection for tasting.  A good selection too was obtained along with the chipolatas, more about we'll cover separately.

Giggly Pig were the 2011 winner at the Maldon Best of British Sausage Awards, so we're on our way.  RM3 9PH in to the sat nav, in to gear and off we go.  Mind you after a while we find ourselves in a non-descript car parking / garage area in Romford!  Blooming technology, we're at the rear of the shop!

Not a normal high street butchers shop, as first impression was of a wholesale premises, which I suppose is right really.  However we got a good deal on our bag of sausages (and a pack of back bacon) which is always welcome.

The chipolatas then...

What struck us was that these chipolatas were quite short in length and weighed a lot less compared with others that we've sampled. Also the skins on two of the raw sausages were damaged probably when being tied and a dob of the meat from each split had squashed out in to the pack. OK no probs, but at 11.99 a kilo, these are slightly expensive even if they are 80% meat from "home reared saddle back pigs".

Cooked up they browned nicely, had a smooth(ish) texture, crisp skin, medium bite and a reasonable but mild taste.  All together an OK sausage but not what we'd be able to call exceptional.  Hopefully the bigger fellas we also got on our visit will have more flavour. Now we're not dissing these completely, but they wouldn't be something we'd go and get again if we're honest.

Giggly Pig (Romford) - Chipolata     (Oct 2012)

Here's the sample details:
115x18mm before cooking, 115x18mm after.
27g before cooking, 23g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 15%.
9 packaged at 2.81 (11.99/Kg)



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