Sainsbury's - Monterey Jack & Jalapeno

Sainsburys sell a wide range of flavoured sausage, so when the butchery assistant indicated that there were some loose sausages that were not available packaged, put me down for some then please...

I've read on our friends web site over at in the USA about the combination of Monterey Jack cheese and chilli, so I thought it would be worth trying the combination.  Whether Sainsbury's were up to the challenge we would see.

76% pork, 9% Monterey Jack cheese, green jalapeno chilli, with added Santa Cruz chilli, smoked paprika, garlic and cayenne pepper listed, this should be good!  Well the aroma from the pan when they were cooking was the business I have to say.  Pungent and spicy.  Mind you one of the sausages did spout a stream of hot liquid cheese right out of the pan on to the work top some 30cms away.  I don't think Sainsbury's need to issue a Health & Safety Warning (ha ha!) on this but be wary and very careful if you try pan frying these yourself.  Certainly spiking one straight from the pan to munch on may be ill advised!

The level of chilli-ness is big, so if you're not really a chilli fan you may want to choose something else perhaps.  The cheese flavour with the chilli though is very good, and the succulence of the sausage, yes top draw.

Now we did have a problem with residue in the pan that burnt badly and stuck all over the sausages.  This is going to be the molten cheese / fat oozing through the skins without doubt.  A pity really as when they were first in the pan, everything was hunkydory. 

A good tasting sausage though, yes we all agreed, but the slightly burnt cheese flavour did take the edge off unfortunately.

Sainsbury's - Monterey Jack & Jalapeno  
  (May 2013)

Here's the sample details:
115x31mm before cooking, 108x28mm after.
82g before cooking, 73g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 15% & weight loss of approx 10%.
4 loose sausages 2.24 (approx 6.80/kg)



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