Priors Hall Farm - Traditional Pork

A good banger these sausages have always been.  Last sampled by us way way back in 2012, and we still stand by what we said then, we've never been disappointed as the quality of the product is always consistent. Hot or when cold eaten later, they're very good.

Meaty with enough good seasoning these sausages a delight to eat. Still 80% pork meat and natural skins. OK the price per kilo has gone up a tad but in 5 years, hey what doesn't, but 30p is hardly extortionate?  Also the size of each sausage has increased too which for me is spot on. Up from 110mm to 130mm long, and an extra 25g of meaty goodness weight in each and now with 6 to a pack makes a big difference. Bought through our local Budgen's store at 4 a 0.5Kg (approx) pack is good value.  We still use these as the benchmark that others will be judged against as the flavour, texture, bite and quality of the skins are what you would expect and should get with a proper sausage.

Cooked up we still have nicely browned and easily eaten skins, with a good bite and a lovely chew.  Texture is a good medium and pan fried they retain plenty of succulence.  We've tried these grilled, BBQ'd and oven baked, and you get good results whatever way you try them. Used as part of our family favourite in a sausage, mash and onion gravy dinner, you cannot fail to please either!  Mind you, sausage toad with these bangers is a delight too.  Granny swears by these...figure of speech of course!

Priors Hall Farm - Traditional Pork (May 2012 / Dec 2017)

Only 3.5 out of 5 banger marks this time we here you say! Please don't get us wrong, these are very good everyday sausages and tick all the boxes. 

People think we make up these reviews...look, go buy some Priors Hall Farm - Traditional Pork's and see for yourself!

Here's the sample details:
130x30mm before cooking, 120x32mm after.
100g before cooking, 92g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 8% & weight loss of approx 1%.
0.510kg pack of 6 sausages 4.00 (7.84/kg)



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Priors Hall Farm
Great Dunmow
Essex  CM6 3QR