JR Creasey - Pork & Red Onion

JR Creasey's butchers shop in the Suffolk village of Peasenhall, make some very good sausages!  They sell veg and home made paté too!

We were suitably impressed with the Mango & Chilli's, and we know it will be a tough act to follow, but it's the turn of the Pork & Red Onion next up...

A meaty sausage was the commentary from the troops, but a bit too meaty flavour-wise evidently!  I can't see this personally as I found them pretty good, however everyone to their own opinion.  The red onion was also a bit sweet and sticky, but strangely enough it was again the female troops commenting on this.  I can't of been eating the same sausages? [sigh]

The senior troops liked them...in fact they asked if I could get some more for them!

OK, with 75% pork onboard they cooked up nice, good skins with minimal shrinkage and weight loss.  Certainly a open texture with quite a noticeable succulence and a good bite. Large pieces of onion.

Not as tasty as the Mango & Chilli, but hey, not bad at all.

JR Creasey - Pork & Red Onion      (Jun 2013)

Here's the sample details:
100x34mm before cooking, 95x35mm after.
70g before cooking, 68g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 3% & weight loss of approx 3%.
8 sausages £3.58   (£6.80/kg)

JR Creasey (Butchers),
The Causeway,
IP17 2HUk



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