JR Creasey - Pork, Mango & Chilli

There's a small butchers shop that also sells some veg, on the far side of the stream as you come in to the Suffolk village of Peasenhall, we were told.  Pork, Mango & Chilli sausages...well, what a find!

When the very helpful Mike served us he said he had sausages that were not on the "list" posted on the wall of this village butchers. Mango and chilli he said.  My first thoughts were, ooh err, I bet they're a bit sweet!  But, I suppose if you don't try these opportunities, you'll never know, so I'll have a few please...(along with some pork & red onion, and some chipolatas which we'll be reviewing shortly of course)...

In truth I'm not big on fruit flavours with savoury/spice...coronation chicken without the sultanas for me...so even trying these was a bit of a challenge but, what a flavour...outstanding!

In fact after the formal sampling, we put the rest on the barbeque to see how they went down with some guests.  Both a senior (he is 85 you know!) and a junior family member said they really liked them, and the sweetness wasn't overpowering after all and the chilli didn't take your head off.  The flavour combination worked really well.  Really something you could eat and enjoy quite a few of...

In the pan the good percentage of pork (I reckon they must be over 75%) with the mango and chilli cooked up and browned lovely. Good quality cases/skins. Texture wise really good and excellent value for money too.  Well this puts this variety from JR Creasey in just off the top of our all time listing.

These are a must to try...so go see JR Creasey, The Causeway, Peasenhall, IP17 2HU, just a few miles off the A12 from Yoxford, Suffolk...

JR Creasey - Pork, Mango & Chilli
      (Jun 2013)

Here's the sample details:
100x30mm before cooking, 90x30mm after.
63g before cooking, 57g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 10% & weight loss of approx 9%.
4 sausages approx. 1.82   (6.80/kg)

JR Creasey (Butchers),
The Causeway,
IP17 2HUk



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Update: 24/8/13

Cooked up a few of these, cooled them off, then sliced them up in to small rounds. Fried off thinly sliced red pepper, spring onions and button mushrooms, and then added the sliced sausage. All cooked until nicely browned and then simply added to the top of a plate of prepared lettuce, pepper, celery and cucumber to create a warm salad.

Blooming marvellous!