JR Creasey - Moroccan

We were right impressed with Creasey's Pork, Mango & Chilli sausages so we made the trip back to the Suffolk village of Peasenhall to take in some more sausage delights...this time the MOROCCAN...

JR Creasey's small butchers shop (that also sells some veg) is on the far side of the stream on the left as you come in to Peasenhall from Yoxford and the A12. 

On route to Granny's at Kessingland, we had returned specifically to Creasey's for a quantity of Pork, Mango & Chilli sausages for the freezer, and whilst these were being bagged up, we spotted the Moroccan on the "sausage list"!  Hmmm...Ok we'll take a few of those pre-frozen please...

75% pork, garlic, a little chilli, yoghurt and loads of mint!  Now mint and pork, Ok yes not the usual combination, but you need to try these as it works very well with the other ingredients and produces a very good tasting product.

In the pan, there was a little extra oil residue but nothing excessive, and the aroma, well, you do really have to be there!  Good quality cases / skins that browned very well and apart from a small eruption at one end of one example, all was how it should be with a decent sausage. Texture wise quite open but really good, a decent bite and chew, and at 50p a go, excellent value for money too. 

Now we held one back to do the eaten cold next day sample...well excellent, would be the best description.

Just like the Pork, Mango & Chilli, these are a must to try...so go see JR Creasey, The Causeway, Peasenhall, IP17 2HU, just a few miles off the A12 from Yoxford, Suffolk...

JR Creasey - Moroccan
      (Aug 2013)

Here's the sample details:
95x30mm before cooking, 90x31mm after.
70g before cooking, 61g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 2% & weight loss of approx 12%.
4 sausages 1.99   (7.10/kg)

JR Creasey (Butchers),
The Causeway,
IP17 2HUk



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