JR Creasey - Chipolatas

JR Creasey's butchers shop in the Suffolk village of Peasenhall, make some very good sausages!  They sell veg and home made paté too!

We make no bones about it, we like chipolatas.  They're easy eating and in a sandwich are just as good as their bigger brothers.

These chipolatas were pretty good, and the troops said so too.  Good pork minced not too fine, a touch of spice, and natural casings.  These cooked up well and tasted very good. 

We'd estimate something around 75% pork with average (but not excessive) shrinkage and weight loss.  A good snappy bite though which is what I like.

JR Creasey - Chipolatas      (May 2013)

Here's the sample details:
150x20mm before cooking, 140x19mm after.
44g before cooking, 41g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 13% & weight loss of approx 7%.
We didn't get a prices, but I'll check next time we're over there...

JR Creasey (Butchers),
The Causeway,
IP17 2HUk



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