JR Creasey (Peasenhall) - Jerk

There's a small butchers shop that also sells some veg, on the far side of the stream on the left as you come in to the Suffolk village of Peasenhall...well, what a find!

We got a call from the very helpful Mike to make us aware of these "new" sausages and he said if we were to call in he'd have some ready for us.  Well we were off to granny's near Lowestoft the following week end, so not wanting to pass up opportunity, we swung a left off the A12 at Yoxford.

We've tried a few varieties of sausage from Creasey's and all have been extremely good and are strongly recommended. BUT, when I rang up a few weeks later to ask about the makings (and price as I forgot again) of what was in our books a 5 banger mark sausage, they tell me that they don't make them any longer! No?!....And what's more the very helpful Mike has retired! ... No?!

A double wammy!  Well it's a shame about Mike retiring and of course we wish him well, but unless there's a change of heart with the new management, you may never be able to try these JERK SAUSAGES yourselves!

Now as I say, these were entirely worthy of a "5 banger mark", but they'll have to be a 4 now as good as they were as it's pointless us making them top of the leader board if they can't be tasted by others...

Warm spice, succulent, with a slight touch of sweetness, lovely bite and a really pleasing lingering taste on the tongue...damn and blast...these were good!

Perhaps Creasey's will call us again when they've got something else new (or infact Jerk makes a comeback)....fingers crossed!

JR Creasey (Family Butchers), The Causeway, Peasenhall, IP17 2HU, just a few miles off the A12 from Yoxford, Suffolk...

JR Creasey (Peasenhall) - Jerk
      (April 2014)

Here's the sample details:
110x28mm before cooking, 95x28mm after.
56g before cooking, 48g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 13% & weight loss of approx 14%.
Sorry didn't get the price.

JR Creasey (Butchers),
The Causeway,
IP17 2HUk



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