AJ Coulson (Dunmow) - Old English

We've said it before I know but there is no escaping, good butchers and sausage makers are definitely found in Dunmow, Essex.  AJ Coulson's (previously known as Stokes) might be a small high street shop, but it's meat and sausages are excellent...

Alan Coulson rang me and said the lads had some sausages for us.  So not being slow in coming forward, I popped over to the shop in Dunmow High Street to collect.  (Bought some Chinese Pork brochettes too...absolutely excellent on the barbeque....but that's another story)

Like previous sausages we've bought from Coulson's, these sausages are BIG, so two (as we've said previously) for a serving is probably for super heroes only!  Over 80% meat in these too we're informed.

The skins cooked up well and browned nicely. We have one of the troops who gets very fussy about chewy skins...but we got a thumbs up on these, so all in order then. Reasonable weight loss and shrinkage. Smooth to medium texture retaining good succulence, and an excellent flavour with just enough spice to give you that slight lingering taste on the tongue. A very good bite and chew.

The sausage and mash we used these in was a winner.

All in all a very good well made sausage in our opinion which goes in to our all time top ten.  Well done lads...

AJ Coulson (Dunmow) - Old English 
   (Aug 2014)

Here's the sample details:
155x30mm before cooking, 143x30mm after.
107g before cooking, 98g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 7% & weight loss of approx 8%.
(Sorry, prices to be posted shortly)

AJ Coulson
73 High Street



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