AJ Coulson (Dunmow) - Jay Boys Moroccan

There is no escaping, good butchers and sausage makers are definitely found in Dunmow, Essex.  AJ Coulson's (previously known as Stokes) might be a small high street shop, but it's meat and sausages are excellent...

Alan Coulson rang me and said the lads had some sausages for us.  So not being slow in coming forward, I popped over to the shop in Dunmow High Street to collect. 

We like a big bold taste so when Alan said he had some Moroccan examples, well bring it on!  Like the others from Coulsons these are over 80% meat in good quality natural skins and to go with the BIG taste these are BIG in size. Let's not mess about, they are big at 165mm / 132g and even with the minimum shrinkage when cooked, one each as sausage and mash would be sufficient I'm sure.

They cooked up well and we got a thumbs up by one of the troops who gets very fussy about chewy skins. That's OK then...

A really good kick with the spice, a subtle mint undertone, and a slight sweetness one of the team picked up.  Me, I couldn't taste my cup of tea for quite a while...a good touch of chilli in there perhaps?

Reasonable weight loss and shrinkage. Medium texture retaining very good succulence, and a flavour that is very memorable. A very good bite and chew.

We did have these in a sausage and mash that was a hit with most...one girlie thought they were "too spicy"...hey ho!

All in all a very good well made sausage in our opinion. 

Well done again lads...

AJ Coulson (Dunmow) - Jay Boys Moroccan
(Aug 2014)

Here's the sample details:
165x32mm before cooking, 155x31mm after.
132g before cooking, 123g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 9% & weight loss of approx 6%.
(Sorry, prices to be posted shortly)

AJ Coulson
73 High Street