Churchgate - 5 Chilli

Anything with Bird's Eye, Scotch Bonnet, Jalapeno, Serande and Hungarian Wax chillies in it should really be avoided, yes? No not us, we'll have a try please... 

The Churchgate Sausage Company make some wonderfully scrummy sausages, and these 5 Chilli ones are blooming good too!

Ok yes some chillies are hot but the combination Jason Drage puts together including some garlic, fresh ginger and parsley seems to produce a taste that is spot on without blowing your mind. Mind you yet again, even after 2 cups of tea afterwards I was still unable to taste the tea..!

The bite and chew was very good needless to say, and the medium texture of the 80% pork in nice natural skins made for a really good foodie experience.

We tried these pan fried for the review and barbequed the remainder, with both methods producing a really good tasting result that you really should try at least once!  Barbequed in a long roll with a light beer...the business!

Churchgate also make a 10 Chilli sausage evidently containing the infamous Dorset Naga...OMG !  Another one to try then...LOL

Churchgate - 5 Chilli
      (Sep 2013)

Here's the sample details:
110x35mm before cooking, 105x34mm after.
86g before cooking, 82g after.
That's a shrinkage of 3% & weight loss of approx 4%.
6 sausages in a 500g pack 3.99   (7.99/kg)