Tesco Finest - Chipolata

I openly admit, the sausage aisle is just too much temptation when out shopping...I know that the usual varieties of own brand will be there, but I still cruise past...just to check of course. Chipolatas too are sadly classed by others as "kids food", but nice snappy flavoursome ones are a wonderful snack from the fridge when "grazing" during the day when "working at home"...

These 97% finest chipolatas in natural skins looked good and after cooking did indeed provide the snappy flavoursome experience I was pursuing. A very acceptable bite & chew, and the medium texture was cracking. OK a bit of weight loss still but the shrinkage was noticeably less.

In using a high percentage meat content, sausages do generally seem a tad drier, which I suppose is to be expected, and on the previous review we had a slight issue with the succulence. Pleased to say that this seems addressed as there was sufficient this time.

Now we did notice however that the sausages were presented in the packaging slightly shorter than when we last tested in August last.  Yes, yes 5mm on the length isn't a show stopper is it, but the price per pack being way down at now 2.50 compared with 3.29 in August last the "Good Value" flag needs waiving...

A very OK sausage, which we will probably buy again for everyday family "get togethers"...

Tesco Finest - Chipolata
(Aug 2015 / Jan 2016)

Here's the sample details:
100x20mm before cooking, 95x20mm after.
32g before cooking, 25g after.
That's a shrinkage of 5% & weight loss of approx 21%.
12 sausages in a 375g pack 2.50 (6.67/kg)