Butchers Choice (Tesco) - Cumberland

Well let's be honest these wouldn't have been my first choice to buy however we need to be to be fair, so conducting a sample on these was inevitable.  As it happens they're an OK sausage. 

OK is about it though. Reading the ingredients: 72% meat, water, rusk, wheat semolina, parsley, salt...hang on wheat semolina!  Not seen that listed specifically before.

Now the packet only indicates grilling, nothing about frying, so we sampled the same as ever and became very amused that the skins initially went very (and I mean very) gelatinous in the oil, and on two of the sausages the skins split lengthwise and rolled off. There was some sniggering at this point and references made by on-lookers to things that we wont go in to here. With some more cooking however the remainder did cook up OK.

Texture-wise nothing to write home about, in fact quite smooth, but the flavour was reasonable with a hint of parsley.

These sausages let's face it are some what short of what you would call a connoisseurs choice. Nothing exceptional, with a reasonable bite, et al.  So at the retail price offered for eight, I suppose an OK sausage.  Only OK though, as I won't be persuaded otherwise.

In a sausage hotpot or sausage chilli surprise these would be ideal.

Butchers Choice (Tesco) - Cumberland   (Jun 2012)

Here's the sample details:
100x28mm before cooking, 100x25mm after.
57g before cooking, 47g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 11% & weight loss of approx 17%.
8 sausages 1.65 (approx 3.60/kg)




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