Musks (Newmarket) - Christmas Chipolata

Musks are well known for their sausage and have a "Royal Warrant" too, so it's not just the "commoners" that like them...

Now I will admit that these Christmas Chipolatas were something of a novelty purchase.  We were visiting the Bury St Edmunds 2016 Christmas Fayre and Musk's had a stall.  It was late and there was a bit of clearing up going on and I spotted just a couple of packs left in the display.  Too much of a temptation I'm afraid...

OK I didn't read the side of the pack fully.  Yes I spotted the pork with cranberries and chestnut puree, but completely missed the 50% pork.  "Oh dear" I thought how good are these going to be with such a pitiful amount of pork.  I shouldn't have worried too much...

Cooked up they did brown well and yes certainly offered up a really good aroma from the pan. The natural sheeps casings held up well with no splits and these chipolatas did retain quite a succulence, however the skins just didn't get that "snappiness" we like.  In fact the skins were quite soft and tore when cut.  The contents were very crumbly, which isn't a bad thing but as the texture was quite open there was just no body to the meat filling.  In a narrow chipolata skin there's just not enough sausage filling to hold together we thought.

Now I'm not dissing these sausages as the flavour with the cranberries, chestnut puree, onions and sage did give a very good taste.  It's just they were very soft.

In a sandwich they were "different" and dare I say pretty good! 

Would we but again...hmm?  Perhaps next year...

Musks (Newmarket) - Christmas Chipolata  (Nov 2016)

Here's the sample details:
100x20mm before cooking, 100x20mm after.
33g before cooking, 28g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 0% & weight loss of approx 15%.
12 chipolatas in a 384g pack 2.50 at the fayre (6.50/kg approx).