Braughing - Extra Pork

We were reminded that a friend had said that he used to regularly call in to Whites of Braughing for his sausages, and also he took orders from his neighbours for their sausage requirements too, often buying perhaps quite a quantity!

Well it's sad to say but I've been through Braughing quite a few times on business but must have passed Whites preoccupied without a thought to call in.  I've put this right now after many years and made a specific journey.

The "Extra Porks" we bought to try use a slight change to the award winning Braughing Original sausage recipe by the addition of an extra 10% pork to increase the meatiness. The increase to 75% meat creates a real tasty chew and the flavour is most agreeable.

Cooked up the skins browned lovely, the sausage was moist yet firm and the aroma from the pan was something else. A medium bite and a most satisfying lingering spice taste on the palette.

These sausages are very good, and our only regret is that we've not tried them before.

Braughing - Extra Pork   (Aug 2012)

Here's the sample details:
100x30mm before cooking, 95x30mm after.
66g before cooking, 59g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 5% & weight loss of approx 10%.
6 sausages in a 384g pack 2.79 (approx 6.00/kg)

Update: Sadly White's shop in Braughing is no more (photo below). The shop finally closed January 2015, however all is not lost...the Braughing recipe and the "Braughing Sausage" are still available. Local retailers are determined though to keep the famous sausage alive and we believe that you can still purchase from the Braughing Post Office, and the Golden Fleece pub in the village and Pearce's Farm Shop in Buntingford, nearby on the A10.