Braughing Sausage Co (Newmarket) - Pork Chipolata

We're still reminded that a friend used to regularly do a "sausage run" and call in to Whites of Braughing for sausages (on business mileage no doubt...surely not?), both taking orders from his neighbours and also for us in the office, often buying perhaps quite a quantity!

What we had come to recognise was that "The Braughing sausage" was considered hereabouts somewhat of being THE sausage to enjoy!

Sadly White's shop in Braughing is no more.  I had read that the shop had finally closed January last year (2015) but on the way back from Buntingford I did do a slight detour just to check. It's a shame really and the place looks nothing like I remembered it last time I called in for some Extra Pork sausages.  However all is not lost...the Braughing recipe and the "Braughing Sausage" are still available.  Hurrah!   Musks of Newmarket bought the sausage recipe a few years ago and moved production to Newmarket under the Braughing Sausage Company name. 

Local retailers are determined though to keep the famous sausage alive in Braughing.  We believe that you can still purchase from the Braughing Post Office, and the Golden Fleece pub in the village and Pearce's Farm Shop in Buntingford, nearby on the A10.  We note with interest a line on the pub's web site: "Buying when the pub is closed" -  "If you wish to buy Braughing sausages but the pub is closed please come to the rear door marked STAFF ONLY and ring the bell".  Excellent!

We also see that "Braughing" have been chosen by Tesco as the best local sausage brand in Hertfordshire.  Tesco stores now stock the full range including the chipolatas across the county.

We liked these particular chipolatas ALOT!  When a chipolata is snappy when bitten that's the attribute we like too.  Good skins. Quality sheeps casings that browned up well I might add.  Texture wise yes the 65% pork was on the fine side but hey they were probably minced a tad extra to assist stuffing those thinner cases. No shrinkage and minimal weight loss were keenly noticed. The recipe by the way is the same as their big brothers, the Original Recipe, so taste-wise they were spot on with a nice touch of spice that lingers on the tongue.  Eaten cold later from the fridge, honestly, a joy...

Remember now, chipolatas are not just kid's food...big kids like them too!  A bit too much perhaps, I hasten to add. 

Yep Musks, we reckon that you have a good flavour Braughing sausage here!  As always if you should try these sausages yourselves, we'd be very interested in your views...

Braughing Sausage Co (Newmarket) - Pork Chipolata  (Nov 2016)

Here's the sample details:
105x20mm before cooking, 105x20mm after.
32g before cooking, 29g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 0% & weight loss of approx 9%.
12 sausages in a 384g pack 3.00 (7.80/kg approx).