Stephens (Bishops Stortford) - Pork Chipolata

As we've said before we do like a plain pork sausage it is true, and chipolatas we really do like too.  So when a friend drops off a pack of chipolatas whilst we are not getting out very often at present, that are plain pork for us to try, because he really liked them, and they are free, you just have to bung them in the pan and cook up a nice sandwich lunch...

Going by what our friend advised, he understood them to be 70%+ good quality pork meat in natural skins, which is very good start. Quite a long chipolata as you can see. Cooked up they browned nicely with no splits or bursts, another plus plus. Do see the photo below of the "pan of delight"! 

A smooth close texture with good succulence. In fact all was going well, until I was asked if we had tried sausages from Stephen's before. Then just as I was going to say that one of the team bit some small piece of bone last time, one of the troops bit in to a rather firm piece of gristle!  OK this does happen, and yes it's annoying, but this is both times we've had samples from this supplier and both times it's unfortunate but it's occurred.

Yet again a real shame as the flavour was very good, the touch of seasoning to give you that slight lingering taste on the tongue was very nice and the meat filling had a good succulence for a chipolata.

Minimal weight loss and shrinkage plus a very good bite and chew.  We had these for lunch as some sandwiches which worked well.

We feel bad raising the matter seeing as our friend gave these as a gift, but it's an honest review, so it should reflect what we have found.  I will drop in to the shop next time I'm over that way.  I'm not going to complain but perhaps buy a few more to try as I'm sure that we've just been unlucky in our sampling.

Stephens (Bishops Stortford) - Pork Chipolata (Apr 2020)

Here's the sample details:
150x20mm before cooking, 145x20mm after.
51g before cooking, 48g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 3% & weight loss of approx 6%.
(Sorry, they were a gift so didn't get the price this time)


Stephens Butchers
11 Snowley Parade
Bishop's Stortford

01279 652931

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