Q&E Theydon Flyer - Chipolata

On the personal recommendation from a friend and business associate we called in to Quality & Excellence's Family Butchers in Theydon Bois to catch a THEYDON FLYER or two...

We noticed that Q&E had sold out of the bigger Theydon Flyers, (obviously a good seller then), so we bought some Theydon Flyer chipolatas instead. More than 80% meat in natural casings is the sort of information we like for a good chipolata. 

Now these cooked up really, really well and proved to be a right meaty sausage experience. Flavoursome and a good chew we all agreed.  Reasonably firm to bite and with medium texture proved to be a unanimous thumbs up here. A cracking chipolata sausage eaten hot or later when cold.  So I've made a mental note to call back to Theydon Bois sooner rather than later and definitely get some of the Theydon Flyers bigger brothers...

We also tried the chipolatas in a "Roast potatoes with Italian sausages, herbs and red onions" adapting an excellent recipe taken from The Italian Sausage Bible (ISBN  978-1-78027-050-0) available online and from good booksellers. These particular chipolatas worked really well and created us a really good roast dish.

Q&E (Theydon Bois) Theydon Flyer - Chipolata  
  (Oct 2012)

Here's the sample details:
135x20mm before cooking, 135x20mm after.
55g before cooking, 46g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 16%.
(Price available shortly)

Quality & Excellence Limited



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You really must try the "Theydon Flyer" sausages from the butchers in the parade at Forest Drive.
Q&E Theydon Flyer Chipolatas
John (john-peck.com)