Q&E (Theydon Bois) - Cumberland

Quality & Excellence's Family Butchers in Theydon Bois make some really outstanding prize winning pies, so let's see how their cumberland sausages perform...well, we weren't disappointed!

We'd previously tried chipolatas that we liked from Q&E and whilst over at Loughton recently, I thought I'd call in to Theydon Bois on the way home and pick up something else for the troops to sample. If they're anything like the chipolatas then we're on for a good 80% meat in natural casings and some sausage delight for sure. 

Now in the raw on inspection they looked a bit short lengthwise, and rather stout, but the colour looked good and weight-wise close to 100g each.  Cooked up they did shrink a bit lengthwise but stayed stout and gave an outstanding bite. The skins performed well too and browned nicely without any splits or bursts. Texture-wise "a good medium" and they retained quite a good succulence when given a quick squeeze!

Eaten cold, absolutely spot on. A worthy Top Ten contender!

I made a note last time to call back to Theydon Bois sooner rather than later and definitely get some more of Q&E's produce...well it's in the list once again...

Q&E (Theydon Bois) - Cumberland    (Jan 2014)

Here's the sample details:
112x34mm before cooking, 95x37mm after.
98g before cooking, 88g after.
That's a shrinkage of 7% & weight loss of approx 10%.
8 loose sausages 5.75  (7.25/kg)

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