Oxhey Lane Farm (Pinner) - Cumberland

Lastly from that bag of sausages dropped in to the office recently by a friend who'd called in to the Oxhey Lane Farm Shop in Pinner we sampled their Cumberland...

Jon Wiggett runs the farm shop and has told me that they prefer to hand mix rather than use machinery when they make their sausages and they use only good ingredients such as hand & belly, and natural casings.  The flavourings too are mixed up in house, and the "secret" recipes used have been handed down "father to son".  Jon's dad started the business some 40 years ago and Jon has continued on the tradition for the last 10 years.

75-85% meat (dependant on the recipe) goes in to natural casings with some rusk and the flavourings and that's it!  Jon says that "you wont get fat out of our sausages", well he's right, no residual fat in the pan.

These Cumberlands did cook up well just like the others from Jon Wiggetts farm shop and these are again just like their cousins, are a "big sausage" with a good succulent bite and a medium texture.  The pepper flavour is there as it should be for a cumberland but although it was somewhat on the mild side for me, others here did like them "just the way they are"!

Jon Wiggett certainly knows how to make a good eating sausage!

Oxhey Lane Farm (Pinner) - Cumberland
(Dec 2012)

Here's the sample details:
110x33mm before cooking, 105x34mm after.
98g before cooking, 92g after.
That's an overall shrinkage of 2% & weight loss of approx 6%.
11.00/Kg (approx)

Oxhey Lane Farm Shop
Hatch End



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