Broad Oak Farm - Hot Dogs

We bought in these in the summer whilst searching for some "brat like" sausages to use to treat our weekend guests to chilli dogs and such...looks like they found the back of the freezer unfortunately and not our guests, so now having released and defrosted them, we need to try them...

We've bought Broad Oak Farm sausages again and again over the years as they are a pretty good producer and let's face it Broad Oak Farm Cumberland sausages did well in last years Sausage Week (2015) winning their category.

I'll be honest when we bought these hotdogs and I didn't read the pack in close detail until we got home..."plastic skins" aren't our best liked makings for sausages but hey, these are called hotdogs after all.  After being rescued from the freezer and thawed out, it was in to a hot bath they went for 20 minutes and a quick singeing in a hot pan to finish off.  Not our normal sampling method but we went with the flow on this one...

They cooked up and looked quite a traditional hotdog to be honest.  Quite chewy and solid though. They tasted of slight smokiness that hotdogs taste of and would probably pass OK as a "brat", but they weren't our "cup of tea" to be frank...

Would we buy again?  Probably not.

Broad Oak Farm - Hotdogs   (Oct 2016)

Here's the sample details:
150x30mm before cooking, 150x30mm after.
98g before cooking, 95g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 3%.
5 hotdogs in a 500g pack (will check price if I can find the till receipt...promise)