Broad Oak Farm - Premium Chipolatas

We had been sampling quite a few chipolatas recently, and in picking up these 65% meat content chipolatas, I slipped up not reading the packet properly before purchasing...

Broad Oak Farm sausages are all packaged in that opaque, grease proof paper like material so you can't see the actual product though it.  All of their product is like this, and I didn't notice until now that the casings are all beef protein (otherwise known as collagen) across their range.

Now we'd had trouble with this type of casing in sampling before as even with the heat down when pan frying we did unfortunately have all the skins split. Less evident on the barbeque or grill so we wonder if the extra oil in the pan over softens the beef protein casings. 


We went ahead with sampling and used this time just a dot of oil in the pan with much lower heat again than we would normally use.  A few splits but the contents did stay put.

Texture-wise they were quite smooth but a tad overly moist.  The skins were soft and rubbery to be honest.  I'm sure the oil does this as I grilled a couple and didn't get the same effect with that method.

Taste-wise, nothing to write home about if honest.  A bit light on seasoning for us.

In a sandwich, not bad with some brown sauce...but as the Premium Pork Chipolatas they're labelled as?  A bit disappointing really.

Would we buy again?  Probably not.

Broad Oak Farm - Premium Chipolatas   (May 2015)

Here's the sample details:
90x20mm before cooking, 90x20mm after.
28g before cooking, 26g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 7%.
8 sausages in a 220g pack 1.49 (approx 6.80/kg)