Black Farmers Daughter - Chipolata

Premium pork chipolatas the packaging says with "flavours without frontiers" and gluten free too!  Mind you soya flour as an alternative ingredient should be interesting then...

I was left wandering about the local supermarket whilst the family were doing other household stuff, you know washing powder/liquid, dishwasher tabs, scouring pads etc etc, and frankly the attraction of the hot counter and sausage & bacon aisle was just too much. 

These packed 90% pork chipolatas looked interesting and the colour of / text on the packaging "persuaded me" to pick up a pack (bonus points for marketing and product placement then).

So firstly the packaging. Using a deeply ridged tray to hold the contents in place did nothing for the raw sausages I have to say, with the ridges perfectly reflected and indented in to the skins.  Yes OK they tasted very good and having dents in the pre-cooked state is being picky I agree, but presentation does matter.  Plus it took me ages to massage the dents out before cooking...

The skins used are natural sheeps casings which is a major plus as those collagen skins used for some inferior sausages are not good. 

They cooked up pretty good, browned well and provided a medium firm(ish) bite and more's the point, a very good taste. (Couldn't taste the soya flour specifically though as it happens)

A slight amount of spitting from a couple in the fry pan and a small squirt of fat like a very tiny water pistol jet did make it's way on to my shirt, but that's the managed professional risk we face!

All in all, not too dusty as a supermarket packed sausage.  As a premium everyday "red tractor" sausage you wouldn't be disappointed.

Black Farmers Daughter - Chipolata     (Oct 2012)

Here's the sample details:
130x18mm before cooking, 130x18mm after.
34g before cooking, 27g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 20%.
8 in a 340g pack at 2.89 (8.49/Kg)



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