Worzals (Wisbech) - Pork & Chive

Friends (and business clients) from the interestingly named Wiggenhall Saint German, in Norfolk, called over the other day and dropped in a big bag of sausages! You must try these they said...

OK yes our friends are from Norfolk and Wisbech is in Cambridgeshire agreed, but receiving samples without having to do the travelling is fine with me. I'm sure we'll sample some Norfolk sausages in due course...

Now far be it from me to pass up the opportunity to try good quality sausages for free, so we immediately tried a few!  We were due to go out for a meal that evening as it happens, so I convinced the troops that as we would normally have a main and a sweet, the sausages would do as our "starter".  Come on, that's logic if I ever!

So, Worzals Pork & Chive then. They certainly look good and appear a well made 85% meat content sausage in the raw. Nicely filled natural skins and a good chunky row of sausages, but why do producers persist with this...only 5 to a pack!  Get larger trays and put 6 in to them please. End of rant...as it happens the taste of these Pork & Chive certainly made up for the pack size issue!

The skins cooked up really well and the contents showed a very succulent medium texture with a very good flavour. In fact out of all the pork & chive we've sampled I'd say these were at the top.

Shrinkage and weight loss on cooking was a tad higher than we'd expected, however again the outstanding flavour made up for this.  A very good sausage that we would definitely buy some more of.

Worzals (Wisbech) - Pork & Chive
    (Feb 2014)

Here's the sample details:
95x32mm before cooking, 85x32mm after.
68g before cooking, 59g after.
That's a shrinkage of 10% & weight loss of approx 13%.
5 sausage in a 392g pack. 3.25   (8.28/kg)

Worzals Farm Shop
Lynn Road,
Walton Highway,
PE14 7DA




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