Worzals (Wisbech) - Old English

Friends (and business clients) from the interestingly named Wiggenhall Saint German, in Norfolk, called over the other day and dropped in a big bag of sausages! You must try these they said...

Well we tried the Worzals Pork & Chive last time, so now it's the Old English... These too certainly look good and appear a well made 85% meat content sausage in the raw just like their cousins. Not too tightly filled natural skins but yet again oh why do producers persist with this...only 5 to a pack!  Get larger trays and put 6 in to them please. End of another rant...

These sausages cooked up really well and the contents showed a very succulent medium texture with a very good flavour just like their cousins again...however and this was the issue...lumps of gristle that frankly spoiled what was a very good sausage.  We cooked up the remainder just to check and likewise, gristle in all of them.

A very good tasting sausage but let down we think by use of a few rogue trimmings left in the mix...we will get some more as I'm sure this may have been just bad luck that we got the "friday afternoon" pack...

Worzals (Wisbech) - Old English
    (Feb 2014)

Here's the sample details:
105x28mm before cooking, 92x30mm after.
66g before cooking, 59g after.
That's a shrinkage of 5% & weight loss of approx 10%.
5 sausage in a 322g pack. 2.67   (8.28/kg)

Worzals Farm Shop
Lynn Road,
Walton Highway,
PE14 7DA




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