M&S Butchers - Pork & Smoky Bacon

Mark & Spencer sausages wouldn't be top of our list to buy if honest but we saw these "New" Pork & Smoky Bacon on a Christmas food hall excursion this week and just had to try them...

I should have read more carefully the labelling as I missed completely the reference to the casings being "pork protein".  However we thought we would cook them up all the same and give our views. Surprise surprise yet again upon cooking we noticed a small amount of pale jelly like substance exuding from the skins.  We've had this before with what we would class as less than adequate sausages, and the small amount of residue from this combined with the oil in the pan started to burn.  Some of the skins split and rolled off and joined the burnt matter in the pan. Not impressed as you might understand.

The 72% pork sausages took ages to brown up and were very soft. Texture-wise very pasty and no bite to speak of.  OK taste-wise yes acceptable but let's be blunt about this, the smoky bacon flavour was practically non existent.  The packet says 6% bacon...?

They were OK smothered in thick gravy and onions agreed but these won't be something we would buy again.  Given the price at 2.00 for the eight (2 pack 4 deal), we're most certainly in to budget sausage here, so our marking reflects such. 

We gave the second pack away...

M&S Butchers - Pork & Smoky Bacon
  (Dec 2012)

Here's the sample details:
95x27mm before cooking, 95x23mm after.
56g before cooking, 42g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 14% & weight loss of approx 25%.
8 packaged sausages 2.00 in a 2 pack deal (approx 4.40/kg)




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