M&S British Outdoor Bred - Cumberland

We've not tried Mark & Spencer sausages at all previously so having picked up a pack of British Outdoor Bred Cumberlands it is only right and fitting that we give them a go...

85% pork meat in natural pork casings we're promised on the packaging and they do look a good sausage in the raw.  However upon cooking we noticed a small amount of pale jelly like substance exuding from the skins.  We've seen this previously in some less than adequate sausages, so there were concerns that these wouldn't do.

The residue from this combined with the oil in the pan started to burn so we removed the sausages, cleaned the pan, reheated with new oil and put the sausages back on.  This is not right in a non-stick pan I'm sure you'll agree and isn't something that you would expect to have to do.

The sausages did however brown up adequately and they tasted reasonably good with sufficient "pepperiness" and achieved a medium bite from a smooth to medium textured filling, but they were not unfortunately hand on heart what we could call "a deliciously meaty sausage distinctly seasoned with black and white pepper" as the packaging boldly displayed though. 

They were OK if honest but not outstanding.  Given the price at 2.79 for the six, fair value, I suppose for M&S, and were it not for the issues above we would have marked a bit higher.  Not sure if we would buy these again.

M&S British Outdoor Bred - Cumberland
  (Oct 2012)

Here's the sample details:
110x27mm before cooking, 100x27mm after.
58g before cooking, 51g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 10% & weight loss of approx 12%.
6 packaged sausages 2.79 (approx 6.97/kg)




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