Boston Sausage (Boston, Lincs) - Farmhouse

Real Lincolnshire sausages from Borough Market in London.  A bit closer for us than Lincolnshire so on the train again and in to town it is...

These FARMHOUSE sausages are based on the Mountains Boston recipe, but with an extra 25% of seasoning. A minimum of 80% pork, breadcrumbs, sage and seasonings. They are a good seller we're told by the very friendly Sam we met at Borough Market.

Boston Sausage sell from their premises in Boston and also have a market stall offering cooked product and fresh.  We really enjoyed the visit to Borough especially at Christmas market time...

In the raw these Farmhouse looked quite colourful with a defined fleck. Good skins and not stuffed too tightly.  Cooked up they performed very well and tasted very different to Bostons but like those they had quite a loose texture and where very "bready".  Flavour wise you can certainly taste the extra seasoning.

We included a few here in our 2013 sausage fest with the Bostons and they came out well in the presented sausages in a group tasting. 

Boston Sausage (Boston) - Farmhouse (Dec 2013)

Here's the sample details:
110x32mm before cooking, 105x30mm after.
73g before cooking, 65g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 10% & weight loss of approx 11%.
16 sausages 10.00 special at the market.  

Bridge Foot,
13 High Street,
PE21 8SH

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