Millins (Tiptree) - Traditional

During a recent visit to Marks Tey on route to granny in Suffolk, we spotted some good looking sausages in the Poplar Nursery Shop....

The packaging was a bit light on information as to what percentage meat content and the casings used but from the feel these traditional pork are a good firm sausage that would perhaps indicate a high end percentage in natural casings I'm sure.

These sausages individually are certainly on the big side, look well made, and at only 7.00 a kilo are a pretty good price too.

Cooked up they're very meaty but unfortunately weren't as flavoursome as we were expecting.  There was spice there so don't get us wrong, it's just we thought they could do with a bit more oomph.  The skins initially  appeared to be very good, and they browned very well, but the whole pan full split unfortunately. However the sausages held together and this fact didn't really effect the taste, so not the end of the world.  A medium texture, with a medium bite.  Minimal weight loss and shrinkage from our sample.

Eaten with mash, onions and gravy, they worked very well!

I'll give Millins a call and get some more details on the makings shortly.

Millins (Tiptree) - Traditional 
  (Mar 2013)

Here's the sample details:
120x33mm before cooking, 115x33mm after.
93g before cooking, 85g after average.
That's a shrinkage of approx 4% & weight loss of approx 8%.
6 sausages 3.98 (approx 7.00/kg)



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