Millins (Tiptree) - Pork & Herb

Another visit to granny in Suffolk via the A120 / Marks Tey and the Poplar Nursery Shop....If you do go, look out for the elephant!

The packaging yet again was a bit light on information as to what percentage meat content and the casings used but like last time from the feel these pork & herb sausages are pretty firm, perhaps indicating a high end percentage in natural casings.

Individually they are about average size-wise, look well made though, and at 7.00 a kilo are fairly reasonably priced too.

Cooked up they're very meaty with a strong-ish flavour and certainly weren't at the back of the queue when it came to adding the herbs.  Quite a powerful flavour herb wise, perhaps a little too powerful though for us.  There was spice there but we thought they could have done with a bit more as the "herbiness" just muscled through.  A medium course texture, quite crumbly, with a medium bite. Even though these were cooked thoroughly there was still a noticeable pinkness to the meat. Eaten in the "cold next day" test...very nice!  Weight loss and shrinkage in cooking were both a bit higher than we expected unfortunately.

We sampled also with mash, onions and gravy, and they worked very well! Not a bad sausage at all, just a bit too OTT with herbs!

I must give Millins a call for more details on the makings.

Now if you do call in to sample some of these sausages yourself, please tell the shop that you read about them in Sausage Review...

Millins (Tiptree) - Pork & Herb 
  (Sep 2013)

Here's the sample details:
120x28mm before cooking, 100x28mm after.
79g before cooking, 61g after average.
That's a shrinkage of approx 16% & weight loss of approx 22%.
6 sausages 3.01 (approx 7.00/kg)



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