Meat & Cleaver (White Roding) - Minty Lamb

With not getting out much at the moment meant that when I was out, I took every opportunity to make the most of it! Sausages supplies are always on my "to do" list...

Fuller's had their original premises in Sheering and then moved to Brett's Farm on the A1060 at White Roding, Essex.  Since 2019 second generation butcher Sam Fuller has taken over running the business and continues to offer some very tasty produce in a rebranded Meat & Cleaver butchery. I picked up these minty lamb and cracked black pepper sausages along with some Sheering sausages about which there's also a review available.

These minty lamb sausages are in a full sized skin.  You usually see chipolata sized lamb sausages more often than not, so seeing them LARGE made me buy them. Honest!

Sam tells me he uses a commercial flavour mix of mint and cracked black pepper along with some good quality lamb in natural casings to produce a minimum of 75% lamb product. 

We've tried quite a few lamb sausages. Some so firm when cooked up they become almost like a log, and some so loose there's no bite and chew, so we did have some concern as they went in to the pan. We shouldn't have worried though, as these sausages when cooked were medium firm textured and retained a really good succulence.  Honestly two of these sausages are enough per person. 

Good skins as expected and shrinkage was not too bad.  OK weight loss, yeah as expected.  We do see losses in weight and additional oil left in the pan with lamb sausages. Lamb is a fatty meat. However with these particular ones it wasn't that bad.  The mint and black pepper flavours were very good and well in control.

I ate one that we kept back which had been in the fridge over night (for breakfast I might add...oh dear we hear you say!) and it had as expected become quite firm but was still very eatable.

Price-wise these lamb sausages at 5.75 for a pack of 6 large is very good.

Would we buy some again?  Too right we will!

Meat & Cleaver (White Roding) - Minty Lamb (Mar 2021)

Here's the sample details:
110x30mm before cooking, 100x30mm after.
79g before cooking, 68g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 9% & weight loss of approx 14%.
6 large sausage pack 5.75 (approx 12.00/kg).


Meat & Cleaver
Bretts Farm
Chelmsford Road
White Roding
Dunmow Essex

Tel: 01279 876575


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