Greens (Theydon Bois) - Chipolatas

Theydon Bois village...if you didn't know, Greens have replaced J. Phillips as the butchers in Coppice Row...time for another visit then!

Mr Phillips retired last year and Mr Green has taken over the business. The shop looks as if it's had a good make over and is all modern and shiny.  "Righto", let's have a look at the chipolatas this time!

75% meat at least, in quality natural casings looking very good in the display, I'm sure you'll agree from the photo below.

With the reduced amount of meat in chipolatas they can dry out slightly when cooked.  These however cooked up very well, browned nicely and retained some succulence. The texture came out as a smooth/medium. A little "snappiness" from the skins when bitten which was good too. 

The flavour certainly had a touch of light spice and with this lingering on the tongue, these chipolatas got a thumbs up all round.

Well Mr Green, your chipolatas are very good.  We like these...

Would we buy again?  Absolutely!

Greens (Theydon Bois) - Chipolatas   (May 2015)

Here's the sample details:
115x20mm before cooking, 109x19mm after.
32g before cooking, 29g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 10% & weight loss of approx 9%.
8 loose sausages 2.08  (8.15/kg)


3 Coppice Row
Theydon Bois
CM16 7ES


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