Church's - Old Epping

We've had a number of friends tell us since they've heard about this  review site that Church's of Epping sell some good sausages. The Epping Sausage recipe is something of a heritage thing we're told. 

We picked up the "jumbo" version for sampling. Now these have approx 62% meat and have listed separately the added fat, which I would expect implies that the fat isn't within the percentage of meat. These are quite a big sausage at 150mm long and price-wise are 50p a go.  

Cooking just two "jumbos" did produce a noticeable additional quantity of residual oil in the pan (9ml/9g) which given the weight loss these may have quite a bit of fat added during production.

These sausages have a medium bite, and a soft to medium texture with a pleasant flavour. There's a hint of spice/seasoning and a definite good meaty sausage taste. The skins cook up very well. However I suppose expectation got the better of me because I was hoping for something more memorable.

 A good sausage for a sandwich. 

Church's - Epping Sausage     (July 2012)

Here's the sample details:
150x27mm before cooking, 150x25mm after.
87g before cooking, 73g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 7% & weight loss of approx 16%.
6 loose sausages 3.00 (5.75/kg)


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