Blackwells (Coggleshall) - Red Dragon

A recent NFU Countryside magazine we received had a "Farm Shop of the Month" article and featured Blackwells Farm Shop.  It would be poor form wouldn't it when passing not to call in for some sausages...

The well stocked farm shop is a short drive up Colne Road (A120 / B1024 junction) near Coggleshall, north towards Earls Colne...easy to find but a scary junction when turning right to cross the dual carriageway, so do take care.

Picked up some Red Dragon sausages along with some very good looking Old English sausages which we've previously reviewed.  We were served by James who brought to our attention the blue boards on the farm shop wall indicating quite a list of some very good restaurants and butchers both locally and in London that Blackwells supply. 

The Old English were 87% quality local pork in natural skins so we'll assume that these are about same.  The skins were not bad but they did appear quite dry, which would lead us to believe they've been on display a while.  This isn't something that is detrimental to taste of coarse but just loses points presentation-wise in our view.  Seemed to be a well made product though. 

Cooked up the skins browned well and you could tell from the silence of the troops on tasting, that these hit the mark with a good tingle of chilli. 

The texture was on the smooth side of medium, and they also retained reasonable succulence.  Bit of noticeable weight loss unfortunately.

The bite and chew in my opinion was pretty good but again one of the team claimed the skins were a tad chewy.  You can't please some people!

Would we buy again? Yes I would for sure...

Blackwells (Coggleshall) - Red Dragon
(Mar 2015)

Here's the sample details:
110x28mm before cooking, 100x28mm after.
61g before cooking, 51g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 9% & weight loss of approx 16%.
Apologies, forgot to note the price. Next visit.

Blackwells Farm Shop
Herons Farm,
Colne Road,
Essex, CO6 ITQ

01376 5625006


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