Barretts (Birmingham) - Pork & Apple

We were at the Essex coast for the day visiting friends and whilst out for a walk, dropped into the Sunday market at St Osyth...hmm a mobile meat shop...sausages perhaps? 

Now my wife calls it obsessive behaviour, but I don't when it comes to hunting out varieties of sausage.  We're on a mission after all, "So what have you got today for sale my good man?"

Well, some Pork & Apple (and some Pork, Chilli & Garlic...about which we'll do separately as they were much better) for a very good sale price, went in to the carrier bag.  They certainly looked good in the packaging, and when cooked up on the BBQ, not bad at all in a roll with "summer slaw" dressing, followed by a glass of Doom Bar.

OK we did use them entirely for a BBQ as I wanted to get the troops and others feedback on them.  When I say not bad, they were OK.  Not a lot of apple flavour though, and the texture was on the smooth and soft side, good skins albeit quite fine, but I suppose an OK sausage never the less.

The labelling indicated 52% pork, 10% pork fat, pork rind, dried apple and some soya flour and soya protein plus plenty of E's, yes OK not the makings of a premium sausage agreed, but at "today's sale price" of 5.00 for a 14 sausage 857g pack, what do you expect! 

The natural skins did brown nicely, a few minor splits but none of that annoying creamy stuff leaking out which does make a change.  Minimal shrinkage and weight loss...

Eaten cold later, disappointingly very bland with little seasoning...and  unfortunately, no apple flavour whatsoever.

The bottom line...sadly nothing to write home about.

Barretts (Birmingham) - Pork & Apple
(May 2015)

Here's the sample details:
90x30mm before cooking, 87x30mm after.
59g before cooking, 53g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 3% & weight loss of approx 10%.
14 sausages in a 857g pack 5.00   (approx 5.83/kg)

35 Station Road
Martson Green
B37 7AB

0121 783 7995


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