Wild Game Meat Ltd - Elk Sausages

We had the family round just after Christmas for a get together and my brother had seen and bought these for me at Cambridge Christmas market...free sausages yet again!...

I will admit that we had said we would do a barbeque but the weather was so "crap" and please excuse my frankness on this but there we are, so no BBQ happened.  So in to the freezer with the elks I'm afraid to say occurred.

Wild Game Meat Ltd import continental goodies like these elk specialities from Lithuania and around Europe it looks like so the style and making is very different from British sausage as you would imagine.  The company is based in Bury St Edmunds and sells through many markets, car boot sales and country game shows.

The packaging, vacuum pack stylie clearly showing the 7 sausages (seven?...what ever next!) was Ok but very continental, however the labelling was a bit odd with very small text requiring treatment with an iPhone to photo then enlarge to be able to read some of it unfortunately. The cooking instructions didn't list pan fry, but that's what we did as we try to sample the same way if we can.  Agreed we may be "off piste" here but I think the end result was still OK.

Quite small very solid and darkly coloured sausages in the raw. 40% elk with 18.7% pork and strangely enough a listing of 9% "drinking water"!   The make up of the cases wasn't listed but is likely to be the very thin plastic type similar to that's used for chorizo sausage.

Cooked the sausages did shrink somewhat. Quite a serious bite and chew but blooming good flavour though albeit a touch too salty for us.  Almost strong venison in any comparison. 

The bottom-line: thanks bro a very good sausage you brought to our attention but perhaps for the connoisseur rather than for your kids with a few funny faces fries and alphabetti-spagetti...

Wild Game Meat Ltd - Elk
  (Jan 2017)

Here's the sample details:
85x30mm before cooking, 80x28mm after.
52g before cooking, 42g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 12% & weight loss of approx 19%.
I'll see if I can get a price and publish here soon..



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