Wicks Manor - Olde English Pork

We found these newly available locally and as Wicks Manor were a supplier showcasing their products in the recent 2012 Maldon Best of British Sausage Awards...

These Olde English Porks are 70% pork meat in natural pork casings, and look a very good plump sausage in their striking packaging.  The Wicks Manor web site says about these that they are a succulent blend of home grown pork and spices to create an award winning brand of the Olde English Sausage.

Cooked up though, yes, we would agree they look very nice with a medium texture, meaty and with a good succulent bite. The skins though did squeeze a little sausage eruption at both ends of some of our samples, and so the lengths increased, OK obviously not affecting the taste.  However the flavour wasn't as deep as what we thought it would be and the weight loss at 30% was a little surprising. With a bold title of "Olde English", we were expecting something with more spice and an old style attitude.

Now don't get us wrong these sausages are pretty good, and at the price offered are good value too.  We sampled also by oven baking and found that they did suffer serious skin failure, so shallow fried is best as the packaging suggested.

Give them a try yourself and if we were wrong let us know...and I'll just "have to" buy another pack and sample all over again!

Wicks Manor - Olde English Pork
  (Aug 2012)

Here's the sample details:
105x28mm before cooking, 108x27mm after.
72g before cooking, 50g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx -1% & weight loss of approx 30%.
6 sausages in a 454g pack 2.79 (approx 6.45/kg)