Secret Sausage Shop (Bishops Stortford) - Boerewors

The location of the shop is hardly a secret as the signs for such are a complete give away, but we suppose that is the point after all.

We had seen the signs when taking family for their Covid jabs at the local football club site.  Whilst the mother-in-law was being jabbed I dropped by the shop (tucked round the second drive off the main access of the business centre) to see what was available.  The boerewors in small rings looked ok, although I did question to myself why I was buying sausage that was obviously in collagen un-natural cases, but hey we like to have an opinion on sausage produce now don't we?

So boerewors is a classic South African sausage of pork & beef, coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, herbs and spices including cloves. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before about these collagen tube skins? We are not big fans, but we'll still give them a go.

Well here's a thing, we couldn't get the things to really brown like regular sausages.  In fact I tried too hard and one of the rings split horribly.  Taste-wise, yeah got the cloves and coriander, but we weren't that taken with texture or overall taste. An Ok sausage, but that's about it sorry to say.

A ring of sausage like this also proved a problem comparing such with regular sausages hence a lack of sampling details unfortunately.  My fault, didn't consider that at the time of purchase.

To be honest, and in the nicest way possible, really not something we would buy again.

Secret Sausage Shop (Bishops Stortford) - Boerewors      (Mar 2021)

Here's the sample details:

12 / kg


The Secret Sausage Shop
Unit i3,
Peek Business Centre
Bishop's Stortford
Herts CM23 5RG


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