Salter & King (Aldeburgh) - Rustic Italian

We are always on the look out on our travels for producers of sausage that we've not been to before...just like Salter & King of Aldeburgh...

We used to visit the Suffolk coast a fare bit to see granny but since her passing and what with restrictions in lock down and all that, our trips have declined considerably. However just recently we did manage to call in to Peasenhall on the way home from our day visit to Dunwich Heath. I was expecting to be able pop in to "Creasey's" for some sausages. The butchery is still there but now under the name of Salter & King. 

It's been a while since we'd been through the village so we were unaware that the business had changed hands. Well, we just made it before closing time, I waited outside until the previous customer had left (social distancing and all that) and after a quick chat, bagged some very good looking Rustic Italian sausages. In fact some extremely good looking sausages!

Salter & King have shops in the High Street, Aldeburgh, and The Causeway, Peasenhall, and refer to themselves as "Craft Butchers". They have a "promise" to their customers that includes "to sell only the very best pasture-fed and additive-free meat, and to source all their meat from free-range, organic and small scale farmers who use natural farming methods that actively encourage the soil and surrounding countryside to flourish". This quite honestly is right up our street!

I won't copy here what's on their web site about their ethic, we'll put a link below so you can look see for yourself. Suffice to say, we like what we see...

So the Rustic Italian sausage.  The chap I spoke to briefly in the shop said that these beauties were made of pork from free range Large Black pigs from a Suffolk farm. Natural casings, course cut pork, seasonings and plenty of fennel and garlic.  How could we not try them?

In the raw they do look good, and once in the pan the aroma was, well let's not beat about, absolutely blooming lovely!

We chose to sample these as part of a sausage and mash, which worked really well, but there being plenty of fennel (understatement!) does perhaps make these more suited we think to a pasta main dish or perhaps a sausage, tomato and lentil stew...

The sausage itself had an excellent flavour. A chunky texture that gave a really good bite and chew, and the natural skins worked well containing the meat and juices perfectly. No splits or bursts, and certainly minimal residual oil left in the pan.  Shrinkage was next to nothing but weight loss was noticeable though. Some say that oven baking sausages is best but we always pan fry because that's the way we've always sampled and wish to stay consistent in our approach, just in case you wondered.

I personally would have marked these slightly higher but it's a team effort after all and one or two of the "girlies" are not big on fennel unfortunately, so there we are.

These Rustic Italian sausages are very, very good, take it from us.  Next time we manage a visit I will definitely buy some more.

Salter & King (Aldeburgh) - Rustic Italian (Jul 2020)

Here's the sample details:
120x30mm before cooking, 120x30mm after.
93g before cooking, 75g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 20%.
6 sausages approx. 5.00   (10.00/kg)


Salter & King, Aldeburgh
107-109 High St, Aldeburgh,
Suffolk, IP15 5AR
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 8am - 1pm
01728 452758

Salter & King, Peasenhall
The Causeway, Peasenhall,
Saxmundham IP17 2HU
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 8am - 1pm
01728 660219


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