Rudgewick (Nazeing) - Chipolatas

We must have driven past Rudgewicks butchers shop countless times in the small parade at Nazeing crossroads.  Shame on us I here you say.  Well we stopped this time...

The shops at Nazeing are on a small service road which can be very busy and getting parked is a bit of a struggle, but with patience you can get in.  Rudgewicks is in the middle of the parade, and I'm so glad we did manage eventually to call in to pick up some sausages.

The butcher tells me that they make a chipolata and a porker, both to the same recipe, which is "secret"!  (Of course!)  Chipolata's then please...

In the raw these looked impressive.  Good colour, skins and well filled out.  Quite a firm chipolata with I'm sure at least 85% meat. The shop's sign says their sausages have a minimum of 65%, yeah yeah!

Well cooked up, what a lovely sausage.  Ok a couple of split skins as the heat tightened them up but no major escape of filling. A really good bite and chew though, succulent and the medium texture was a delight.  Now these are not overly herby, but they are very moreish. Minimum shrinkage and good value.

These are a very good chipolata sausage.

Rudgewick (Nazeing) - Chipolatas      (Jul 2013)

Here's the sample details:
140x20mm before cooking, 130x21mm after.
43g before cooking, 38g after.
That's a shrinkage of 2% & weight loss of approx 11%.
8 loose sausages 2.40  (approx 7.00/kg)

J Rudgewick Ltd
Nazeingbury Parade,
Nazeing Rd,
Waltham Abbey