Reg Newman (Watton-at-Stone) - Pork

We visited some friends of friends at Dane End recently and word has got about regarding our interest in sausages...while we where there we were invited to try some very nice home made sausage savouries made with sausages from Reg Newman...

Reg Newman's at Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire, is a well established small butchers shop that also sells some veg, cheese and cooked meats etc., as well as other foodie essentials!  A proper village shop really!

Our hosts had told Reg what they were going to cook and that we would be visiting, so I thought it would be fair that when I did call in to see him in the shop I would introduce myself.   A very interesting chap and very happy that we would be writing about his sausages!

The porks he makes on the premises are made from good quality meat (well over 78%), and a standard flavouring but with an extra good shake of pepper thrown in, all put in to good quality natural cases.  I'm sure you'll agree that they look pretty good pre-cooked...

They did cook up nicely too, no splits and browned very well.  Taste-wise, oh yes, you can get the extra pepper!  A good flavour and meaty texture that really does the business.  A good bite and chew too.  Minimal shrinkage and weight loss!

An excellent, no nonsense, everyday sausage we enjoyed with our mash and onions.  We'll no doubt be visiting Reg again to get further supplies for the freezer very shortly.

Reg Newman (Watton-at-Stone) - Pork 
(Aug 2013)

Here's the sample details:
110x30mm before cooking, 110x30mm after.
70g before cooking, 67g after.
That's a shrinkage of 0% & weight loss of approx 4%.
I forgot to make a note of the time.


R H Newman
36 High Street,
Watton at Stone,
SG14 3SYm




Try the pork sausages from our butcher Reg Newman at Watton-at-Stone...they're very good.
Reg Newman - Watton at Stone
Ruth & Greg (Dane End)