Porterfords (City of London) - Pork & Chilli

Porterfords, the only remaining butchers in the City of London we are told, hard to believe I know, but there you go!  Missed out on a previous passing visit when in town but I had forgotten that the shop is only open Monday-Friday, but as today is Friday.  Result!  Mind you the customer queue was out of the door!

Established since 1983 and since 2006 they've been operating from their Watling Street shop in the shadow of St Paul's, this butchers has not been slow in recognising opportunity to supply hot food too, to local business people, builders and tourists alike to drop in to collect some takeaway lunch. For us we've got a birthday lunch experience at the Savoy Grill lined up, but that didn't stop us buying a bumper 1.5Kg tray of really good looking Pork & Chilli 6's.  Why they are referred to as 6's I'm not sure when there's 16 porkers in the tray! To be honest the shop was heaving so we didn't have time to loiter and ask questions, but when we find out I will add something on to this review.

My wife wasn't too pleased though that we called in and bought product "before" going over to the Savoy...but she did managed to get the whole tray in her handbag so the waiter didn't think we'd bought our own food to be cooked!  We do like a laugh...

So 70% pork with a dash of chilli loaded in to natural hog casings...hmm?  Pork from Ireland and Germany though?  Not British pork then? 

OK cooked up, quality skins and looking very good.  No splits or bursts, with just a little reddish residual oil appearing in the pan. Texture-wise just under medium with a good bite we will give you, but the chilli sting we were expecting was a bit weak if honest. We're not chilli fiends, but if they are labelled chilli they need to have enough, now don't they?  Good succulence and texture of the pork though was a plus but disappointment in the taste overshadowed the experience unfortunately.

Let's cook a couple more samples I suggested and see if the mixing may have been the culprit of the lack of chilli...alas they were the same.

Real shame as we had expectations that weren't met.  Minimal shrinkage and not a bad weight loss. 

In my hurry I failed dismally to get a till receipt and frankly I don't remember the coins I got back in change, so we will need to give them a call and post the price later on...

Porterfords (City of London) - Pork & Chilli  (Sep 2017)

Here's the sample details:
95x32mm before cooking, 95x30mm after.
83g before cooking, 71g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 6% & weight loss of approx 14%.




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