P Hollingsworth (Chelmondiston) - Pork

We got to know about Hollingsworth's and their sausages through a bit of a story.  My mother pays for her neighbour's window cleaning and he evidently repays her in sausages!...

The neighbour's son always buys his sausages and those for his father (and for others too we're told) from Hollingsworth's of Chelmondiston near Ipswich on the road to Shotley.

Quite a smooth textured sausage, with a medium bite.  They cooked up well and although the skins did look very fine (and a bit baggy in the raw) they browned and tightened nicely without any splitting. Minimal shrinkage/weight loss and although not a strongly flavoured sausage, one with a very agreeable taste. 

We'll need to give Hollingworths a call to find out the prices, but I'm sure mother is getting a good deal!

P Hollingsworth (Chelmondiston) - Pork  
(Aug 2012)

Here's the sample details:
110x28mm before cooking, 105x28mm after.
60g before cooking, 55g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 5% & weight loss of approx 8%.

P Hollingsworth - Butchers

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