Mundesley Butchers (Norfolk) - Chorizo

The "in-laws" dropped in some sausages recently they'd bought from a village butchers close to where they were staying in Norfolk... I know, free sausages yet again!  Try these they said...

Now you know that chorizo has a spicy chilli flavour, well these are no different!  In fact after the second bite, the back of your tongue and your throat will tingle for sure...these are a powerful sausage!  Frankly not the sort of thing I would have thought two, eighty year olds would have been buying.

In the raw these are a dark red item, obviously there's quite a percentage of chorizo and flavouring in them.  The in-laws didn't ask about meat percentage, but given that when cooked these become a rather solid "log", I'd say 90% at least.

Don't get me wrong though these are not dry at all, there's still a succulence, but wow, a drink of water may be needed on the side.  I had a cup of tea...couldn't taste the tea at all!

Good skins and a texture of around medium, so in terms of quality, pretty good. Good bite and chew though. Very minimum shrinkage and weight loss...AND loads of "oomph"!

I admit that I liked them a lot, so did another of the team, however we had two "girlies" here who prefer something less powerful, so, as this a democracy, marking had to reflect every ones views...

Worth a go if you're man enough!

Mundesley Butchers (Norfolk) - Chorizo
   (Sep 2014)

Here's the sample details:
110x30mm before cooking, 105x30mm after.
78g before cooking, 75g after.
That's a shrinkage of 4% & weight loss of approx 3%.
(No prices available at time of review...)


Mundesley Butchers
2 Back Street

Open: Mon - Sat 7 - 5.30



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