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Morrisons Signature - Chipolatas

We don't have a Morrison within easy reach of us, so visiting family in Suffolk recently where they do, we just had to try some Signature Outdoor-Bred chipolatas they'd bought for us...  

The write up on the packaging says "lightly seasoned with cracked black pepper" and 85% pork in natural casings....We're going in....

Well I can say for sure that these chipolatas are very good.  They cooked up well and both taste and texture were more than pleasing. In fact granny even liked them (believe me, she's fussy about sausages) and said she would next time in Morrison's buy some more for herself!

Eaten straight from the pan in a sausage sandwich was most agreeable! Then again, a couple for breakfast next day wasn't bad either.  Yes I'd like some more please....

Morrisons Signature - Chipolatas  
  (May 2013)

Here's the sample details:
105x20mm before cooking, 103x18mm after.
32g before cooking, 28g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 11% & weight loss of approx 12%.
12 chipolatas in a 375g pack at 2.79 (approx 7.44/kg)



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