Meatline (Maldon) - Welsh Dragon

The victors of the recent 2012 Maldon Best of British Sausage Awards, Meatline of Maldon, Essex with their winning Welsh Dragon Sausages have finally reached our review... 

These sausages are really something and although they contain not a single trace of dragon meat (yes yes ha ha!), the "hint of" sweet chilli does produce some fire.  It's not all heat and flames here though, the texture and bite make for a very satisfying experience. There is a good succulence and yes OK the flavour of the leeks is a little overshadowed by the chilli which does linger for quite a while after, but these are certainly an interesting sausage you will enjoy. 

Approximately 65% meat, with good hog casings, the contents not packed too tightly, produce a medium texture and a medium bite.  We noticed slight lengthways shrinkage of the skins allowing small eruptions at the ends but all held together OK. Cooking on/under a lower heat may be the solution for these.

Mind you they're not a sausage to eat with pickles, mustard or similar for obvious reasons.  These would work really well cooked and sliced small with pasta or as part of a warm salad, and they would be great as a special barbeque offering!  We however, just went for good crusty white bread sandwiches...simple is best!

A shame but we weren't able to do the eaten cold test ... the whole lot went when they were hot! 

A serious sausage with a big attitude, and, there were no dragons harmed at all in the production process!  Enjoy!

Meatline (Maldon) - Welsh Dragon
   (Sep 2012)

Here's the sample details:
120x32mm before cooking, 115x30mm after.
90g before cooking, 88g after average.
That's a shrinkage of approx 10% & weight loss of approx 2%.
6 sausages approx 2.80 (5.20/kg)



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