Mark Doel (Buntingford) - Chipolata

We visited the Buntingford Carnival recently, which has become known as a really good street carnival / fayre with buckets of atmosphere. Lots of street stalls, live entertainment and many of the shops were open too each promoting their goods and produce.  There's 2 butchers in the main street I know about, so I made a point of visiting both. Doel's had been recommended so port of call number 1 then...

For a Sunday, the shop was heaving.  OK it's not a large shop, and it was carnival day, but the queue to buy produce was 7 deep and out the door!  Must be good here then, I thought...

I'm not sure the chap serving had enough time to "talk sausages" so as I was unable to confirm such, I reckoned these chipolatas must have been around 70% plus meat in natural sheeps cases.  In the raw they looked very good well filled sausage. 

Cooked up the skins did brown really well but the sausage content itself still had a pinky look to it even though it was definitely well cooked.

Taste-wise absolutely top notch!  Herby but not too herby with defined "porkiness" flavour that was so, so good.  Texture-wise smooth to medium, with a really nice chew, crisp snappy skins and at 5/kg excellent value...I expect that this was carnival day prices to be honest but I will check when next over to the shop.

We all agreed that these were a TOP sausage, which now heads up our TOP 5 CHIPOLATA all time reviews.  This is our first 4 Banger Mark chipolata!

Oh! if we lived nearer to Buntingford, definitely something we would purchase regularly.

Mark Doel (Buntingford) - Chipolata
  (Jun 2016)

Here's the sample details:
110x22mm before cooking, 110x20mm after.
42g before cooking, 34g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 9% & weight loss of approx 19%.
5.00/kg but will check prices again.


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