Jimmy's Farmers Range - Classic Pork

With 90% free range pork we were expecting more from these sausages.  As such we were left disappointed.  Seasoning was insufficient and they were overly firm and dense when cooked, and very chewy. 

Whilst cooking it was noted that a small amount of pale jelly like substance (similar to that you see when cooking pork chops in a covered Pyrex dish) did come out of the skins. This ran clear but the skins didn't cook up like "normal" sausages and were tough.

We kept back a couple and put them in the fridge to eat when cold the following day. The colour of the skins did look strange. Had it not been for the reasonable cold eating with some additional black pepper and dot of mustard, we would have only awarded a single banger mark!

Grilling and BBQ with these produces similar results and the skin takes on a brown "plasticky" look.  Not impressed.

Jimmy's Farmers Range - Classic     (May 2012)

Here's the sample details:
100x25mm before cooking, 90x23mm after.
61g before cooking, 47g after.
That's a weight loss of approx 23% & shrinkage of approx 17%.
6 sausages in a 360g pack at 2.99 (8.31/kg)


Update (Oct 2012):  the above www address was printed on the packaging purchased in May 2012, however it was not registered and went through to a domain registration house.  Since May we have noted that this www has been removed from later packaging.  It appears it is still available.